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The Loving Stranger

Are you ready for this week's session?

Let's start off with this a song. Can you get up on your feet and sing and dance along.

Song Time

We are told in the bible to love our neighbour, but who is your neighbour? When Jesus was asked this question he told a story.

Story Time

We need to follow the example Jesus set. Love and help all those you meet. Who can you help today?

Print off a copy of the chart below or design your own and see how often you can do things to help others. (opens in new window)

Craft Time

Our craft today is making your own donkey like the one in the story.

Materials Needed:

  • Split pins (If you don't have any you can just stick together with glue stick)

  • Sheet of card or empty cereal box

  • Crayons

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Print out of Template below

Download PDF • 257KB


  1. Glue print out onto card

  2. Colour in parts of donkey. Make it a multicoloured one if you want.

  3. Cut out all the pieces.

  4. If joining with split pins make a small hole at the centre of each cross.

  5. Join pieces together with split pins or glue

Now you have your own donkey to play with and to remind you to help others.

Print your own book

If you would like your own copy of this story there is a free printable version below. This and more printable books are available from

Download and print both pdfs, one is the story the other the cover.

The Good Samaritan Cover
Download PDF • 1.21MB

The Good Samaritan Book
Download PDF • 1.89MB

You can read more about the Good Samaritan and the other parables Jesus told in the bible.

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