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Our Story

Sunshine Kids Baby & Toddler group has been held at Townhill Presbyterian Church (previously Third Presbyterian Portglenone) for 27 years. It was started by Angela Drury, Kathleen McAleese, Annie Coles and Linda Kerr back in 1993.

It was orginally known as Third Portglenone Mums & Tots but later changed to the current name Sunshine Kids.

Sunshine Kids is open to all who have young children and those that help care for them. We offer a place the children can safely play, and adults can chat and make new friends. We aim to support parents and carers as they navigate though those early years.

Sunshine Kids is a christian group and we aim to to introduce children and adults to simple biblical truths during the sessions using stories, crafts and songs.

We have welcomed many families over the years form all sections of the local community.

Everyone who comes to our group will be offered friendship and support, whatever their age, culture, religious background, race, gender or disability.

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