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The Lost Sheep

We may not be able to meet together yet but you can still enjoy Sunshine Kids stories, songs and crafts at home.

Let's start with a song. Those of you who joined with us last year will know this one.

Jesus Love is Very Wonderful

This week we are looking at the parable of The Lost Sheep.

Lets make some sheep of our own.

Materials needed

  • Black* card

  • Coloured* card or paper for background

  • White paper

  • Cotton wool balls (or use scrunched up tissues)

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

*If you don't have black and coloured card to hand just use white paper and colour in what you need

Cut out your shapes

  • 1 large circle for head from black card

  • 2 little circles from black card and 2 slightly larger ones from white paper for eyes

  • 2 oval shapes from black card for ears

  • 2 sausage shapes for legs from black card

Make a large circle on coloured card with glue stick and cover with cotton wool balls or scrunched up tissues.

Glue on shapes as shown below.

Well done you now have your very own sheep.

We are like the sheep in the story, outside the fold and lost. Jesus, the good shepherd is looking for us. When we ask forgiveness and trust in Jesus and follow him there is great rejoicing in heaven as what was lost has now been found.

You can read the parable of the lost sheep in the bible, Luke 15:1-7.

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