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The Lost Coin

This weeks theme is The Lost Coin. Have you ever lost anything precious to you, like your favourite toy? Today we will learn about a women who lost a very special coin.

But first.....

Are you ready to for some music! Get singing and moving with

Jesus Love is Very Wonderful

Parable of the Lost Coin

After all that singing it's time to have a rest and listen to the story.

Craft Time

You can make your own money box to keep your coins safe.

Materials needed:

  • Empty cereal box

  • Template printed out

Download PDF • 245KB

  • Scissors

  • Colouring pens/crayons/coloured pencils

  • Glue stick/sticky tape

How to make

  1. Decorate box template

  2. Glue page to card

  3. Cut out and fold along lines

  4. Carefully cut out coin slot

  5. Fold into shape and Glue or tape flaps

  6. Fill with coins

Play time

Search for your own coin with this sand tray

Using a shallow tray add some small pebbles, glass beads or other items.

Place a coin in the tray.

Cover with sand, soil, rice or other loose material.

Using a small brush search for the coin by sweeping away the sand.

****Please carefully supervise this activity as there is a choking risk due to small items used****

Read more

You can read the parable of the lost coin in the Bible below.

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