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The Good Shepherd

Jesus was the good shepherd and his followers are his flock. He cares for us and protects us.

Song time

Story Time

Douglas is going to tell us all about the Good Shepherd and what he does to protect his sheep.

Craft Time

Materials Required

  • Empty cereal box

  • Coloured card

  • glue stick/sticky tape

  • Straw

  • Scissors

  • Popcorn


  1. Open out cereal box and cut one large side off.

  2. Cut 4 strips of card lengthways from card.

  3. Cover base of box with coloured paper or card as shown.

  4. Fold and tape sides of box

  5. Stick 2 of your strips of card to long sides of folded box

  6. Cut holes in either 1 or 2 of the remaining strips depending on how many openings you want for the game. If 2 children are playing it is better to have holes at each end.

  7. Tape remaining 2 strips of card across shorter sides so they form a curve as shown.

  8. Throw in some popcorn sheep, grab your straw and start playing.

In the Bible the passage from Psalm 23 tells us about the Good Shepherd.

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