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The Colourful Coat

Joseph was Jacob's favourite son. Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful multicoloured coat to show everyone how much he loved Joseph.

Today we are going to hear the story of what happened to Joseph.

Song time

This week we have our story in the song. Listen to hear all about the story of a boy called Joseph.

Story Time

Even when Joseph was going through some really hard times God was always with him. God is always there for us as well. Douglas is going to talk to us today about remembering that God is with you always.

Craft Time

This week you can make your very own Joseph Story book.

Items Needed:

Strips of paper in different colours


glue stick


Print out of PDF file below- Print in booklet form and print off an extra copy of page 1

Joseph Book
Download PDF • 503KB

What to do:

  1. Using the extra copy of page 1 cut out coat from picture and set page to one side

  2. On the other page one of booklet paste coloured paper strips over coat

  3. Paste page with the coat cut out on top of the page with the paper strips.

  4. Colour in the rest of the picture

  5. Fold booklet and staple.

  6. Read the story

Song Time

Joseph's coat was very colourful. Do you know the names of all the colours? Which one is your favourite?

Get Ready for Next Time

Next week we are going to hear about the story of a baby in a basket in the river.

The items you need to have to join in with the craft are:

  • Wheat pillows

  • Chocolate

  • Jelly babies

  • Bun cases

See you next week

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