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Let's Sow the Seed

A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Matthew 13:3-8

Song Time

Story Time

Craft Time

This week we are sowing wildflower seeds. These look beautiful when grown and provide lots of food for the bees.

You will need:

  • Wild Flower seeds or seedbombs

  • Patch of ground, or a planter and compost.

  • Watering can

  • Trowel or fork

Now watch the video and see what to do

Song Time

Get Ready for Next Time

Next week we are going to hear about the story of a boy who had a very colourful coat.

The items you need to have to join in with the craft are:

Paper stripes in different colours



Printout of PDF file below - print in booklet form, double sided, flipping page on short edge. Print out extra copy of page 1.

Joseph Book
Download PDF • 503KB

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