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Let My People Go!

After God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, Moses journeyed back to Egypt.

This week we hear the story of what happened there.

Story Time

Song Time

The Plagues Song

Craft Time

We are making noisy frogs this week.

What you need:

  • Party blower

  • Paper plate

  • goggle eyes

  • green card

  • Egg box

  • Paint or crayons

  • scissors

  • Sticky tape

What to Do:

  1. Cut out a 2 section piece from bottom of egg box

  2. Cut small hole in centre of paper plate just large enough for party blower mouth piece to pass through

  3. Colour top of plate red

  4. Colour bottom of plate and egg carton whatever colour you want your frog to be

  5. Using green card cut out 4 frogs feet. 2 short and 2 with long strip of paper at top as in picture

  6. Concertina long frogs legs as shown

  7. Fold plate in half with red side on the inside.

  8. Attach legs to the bottom of plate. Long legs towards the back. Short legs towards the front

  9. Attach egg carton piece to top at back

  10. Stick on google eyes

  11. Insert party blower inside frogs mouth with mouth part pushed through hole in plate. Secure in place with tape.

  12. Blow the party blower to see the frog stick out his tongue.

Song Time

Get Ready for Next Time

Next week we are going to hear what happened when Moses led his people through the desert. Our craft next week is a train book.

The items you need to have to join in with the craft are:

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