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Jesus in the Wilderness

After Jesus was baptised by John, he went off into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days. At the end of this time Satan came and tempted him.

Watch the story to find out what happened.

Song Time

Story Time

Every is tempted to do things that make God sad. The good news is that we all have free will. This means that we have a choice as to what we do, or don't do. Listen to Douglas as he talks to you all about making the right choices.

If you are wondering about whether something is right or wrong here are some questions to ask yourself, if the answer is no to any of them then maybe you shouldn't be doing it:

Is it good?

Is it kind?

Would I be happy to tell Mummy or Daddy what I am doing?

Would God be happy with what I am doing?

Craft Time

For our craft today we are going to make sock and glove puppets.

Materials needed:

Sock, glove or mitten

Felt pieces

Fabric scraps

Goggle eyes


What to do:

Glue your scraps onto your glove, sock or mitten any way you please to make you own unique puppet friend.

Song Time

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