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A Baby Named John

The angel said to him, “Zechariah, don’t be afraid. Your prayer has been heard by God. Your wife Elizabeth will give birth to a baby boy, and you will name him John. You will be very happy, and many others will share your joy over his birth. He will be a great man for the Lord. He will never drink wine or beer. Even before he is born, he will be filled with the Holy Spirit." Luke 1:13-15

This week we are going to hear the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary the Mother of Jesus.

First though let's wake ourselves up with a song. Can you do the actions?

Song Time

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Story Time

Now let's listen to the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Zechariah and Elizabeth's baby, John, would grow up to become a very important person in the bible. We will learn more about him in January.

Craft Time

Today's craft is making a bauble to remind us of the story about baby John.

Materials Needed:

  • Clear Bauble

  • Shredded paper

  • Ribbon

  • Card

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

    • Printout

Download PDF • 43KB

What to do:

  1. Glue printout onto card and cut out

  2. Punch hole where marked on label

  3. Fill Bauble with shredded paper and place circle picture inside

  4. Close Bauble (you may wish to secure with clear tape around seam)

  5. Add label and ribbon as shown

You can read the Story of Elizabeth and Zechariah in Luke 1.

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